X-Men: First Class




‘X-Men: First Class’ Stills

There has been quite a few pics release over the passed few days and some not so good news regarding the status of X-Men: First Class. I won’t rehash with the other sites are saying, instead, I will send your their way, but I’m now a little leery regarding the status of this film which I had such high hopes for. The image abov...[Read More]

Casting Couch – X-Men: First Class – UPDATED

The school mates for X-Men First Class continue to fill up desks.  The film is the product of Kick-Ass team of writer-director Matthew Vaughn (“Layer Cake“) and screenwriter Jane Goldman. Cast so far: Charles Xavier (Professor X): James McAvoy (“Wanted”) Eric Lensherr (Magneto): Michael Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds”) Emma...[Read More]

Singer Returns to ‘X-Men First Class’

Many X-Men fans were disappointing when Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to pursue Superman Returns. They were even more upset when Fox announced that Brett Ratner would direct X-Men: The Last Stand. Now fans can rejoice because the man who brought us the first two films in the X-Men franchise is returning to the helm. On the Avatar ...[Read More]

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