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Medieval Review

Hi there, and welcome to Eye Crave Movies today we are going to provide you a history lesson. Oh are you done? You didn’t come here for a history lesson? I don’t blame you, I don’t particularly want to teach history, or know enough history to even talk on the subject matter. However if you tune into Petr Jaki’s Medieval, then you might need a history lesson cause he fails to explain why our Anglo-Saxon hero is portraying a Czech icon. However, if you’re not interested in the history or really a well fleshed out story, or why a bunch of lads are doing a Czech period piece but just want a gory action set piece, than Medieval may be for you.

The movie focuses on Jan Zizka played by Ben Foster, before his raise to glory and fierce combat. However the movie focuses on Jan, its set against the Czech king Wenceslas played by Karel Roden and the Hungarian king played by Matthew Goode as they’re competing for the throne of the Roman Empire. However, Lord Boresh played hilariously by Michael Caine enlists Zizka to kidnap Lady Katherine played by Sophie Lowe, who happens to be the fiancée of Lord Rosenburg, hoping to attract some extra power. I mean, it is a lot going on and not a whole lot of reason as to why other than power and wanting to be king. In all fairness in the 15th and 14th century that was all anyone really wanted, power and fame. Medieval certainly packs the punch of wanting that rise to power, but the story itself is all but convincing, its not captivating its audience and keeping them engaged throughout what is happening.

The bright side of Medieval though, is the action set pieces. While they are loud and plentiful they are one of the movies saving graces. There is so much wonderful action and gore and violence that makes this, even if story is completely uncompelling, at least engaging to watch. With so much action, violence and blood, there is something for the audience member who just wants to watch the world burn in blood and guts. A top of the blood and guts the performances are simply adequate, they’re not terrific and they’re not terrible. However, anyone watching Medieval is doing so for the blood and guts, and since that is the highlight of the film, it succeeds in doing what it sets out to do.

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Medieval Review


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