Anthony Hopkins

4K UltraHD for Silence of the Lambs 30th Anniversary

Hello Clarice! Academy Award winning actors Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins outstanding performances are finally coming to 4K UltraHD Blu-ray from Kino Lorder Studio Classics on October 19th. Here’s the snippet from the press release: Screen legends Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins deliver sensational, Oscar-winning performances in this spellbinding thriller based on the bestselling novel b...[Read More]

The Wolfman – Theatrical Review

A colleague of ours wrote a piece last year proclaiming that horror fans are the most forgiving of all. The Wolfman seems to be a litmus test for how much the viewer will be able to forgive in lieu of tremendous set design, some decent kills, and an awesomely goofy battle towards the end. While these are some of director Joe Johnston’s finest offerings in this picture, there’s also a pretty underd...[Read More]

Hopkins is Thor’s Daddy

Negotiations with Anthony Hopkins are in progress to allow him to play Odin, The Norse god in Thor.  The movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh, in association with Marvel Studios, will follow the god of thunder, Thor, a powerful and overly arrogant warrior whose reckless actions resurrect an ancient war.

The Wolfman Trailer Howls Online

Not only did we get the Avatar trailer yesterday, but Universal also decided to debut The Wolfman trailer on Yahoo!. Looks like it’s going to be a howling good time. The Wolfman is a remake of the 1941 classic from Universal Pictures. It is directed by Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) and starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving. The Wolfman follows the retur...[Read More]

‘Silence of the Lambs’ Thrills on Blu-ray On Feb 4th.

Before the menace and intrigue of the Hannibal -‘The Cannibal’ Lecter character was diluted by the inevitable sequels, his proclamation of, ‘Having a friend over for dinner,’ brought unexpected chills to that innocuous phrase. Now Anthony Hopkin’s Oscar winning, stunningly effective and eerie portrayal of that serial killer will be soon available on high definition Bl...[Read More]

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