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Do you have an itch to tell the world about the movies you love? 

Do you spend endless hours scouring the internet for the latest movie news? 

Do you yearn to be part of a community of like-minded movie lovers?

EYE CRAVE NETWORK, one of Canada’s most established movie news and reviews websites is looking for film and TV fanatics to join its team of entertainment journalists! Get early access to upcoming titles, screening copies of the latest releases, and be the first to get breaking news from studios and PR departments across the entertainment industry! Interview filmmakers and celebrities! We are currently looking for news writers, feature writers, and reviewers in all major cities.


Q: Who can write for Eye Crave Network?

A: Anyone can! We currently have writers based in Canada, United States, and Europe.

Q: How many articles and reviews am I expected to write?

A: At least one article a week will be expected, but you can write as many as you’d like. As for reviews, they will be assigned based on what is made available and if it works with your schedule.

Q: How long should articles be?

A: We have a philosophy here at Eye Crave Network. Keep it simple and straight the point.

300 word minimum for SEO, but as long as your writing is entertaining and concise, we’re happy.

Q: Can I publish whatever I want?

A: All content will be reviewed and potentially edited, as we are a major outlet and insist upon professional-level content. As you become more experienced your freedom to write what you want will increase. We’re also open to hear your ideas. Pitch any ideas you have and we will consider them.

We have some ran with some unique ideas over the years like This Guy!, Trish’s Dish, and Hollywood Handoff.

Q: Is this a paid gig?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time. We just re-launched a few months ago and went with no ads. The website’s daily operation costs are fully covered by the owner at this time. You will receive review copies (DVD/BluRay/4KHD) that you may keep at our discretion based on individual studio requirements, as well as other occasional promotional items. 


If you’ve never published online before upload your work and provide the link.
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