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Malignant – 31 Days of Halloween

Malignant a form of cancer, emanating ill will, or quiet simply James Wan sick twisted mind is back in all its bloody excellence. While Malignant takes three vastly different approaches throughout the movie, switching between a weird B movie, to something truly despicable and ending with complete insanity that will leave audiences astonished. The movie focuses on the astou...[Read More]

Scream – 31 Nights of Halloween

Well there’s three days left in October and I shamefully have not talked about Wes Craven yet or what he contributed to the Halloween sub-genre. No sounds more terrifying than the final girls shriek, fingers on a chalkboard, water pipe bursting sound that lets out a good SCREAM. There really is nothing truly scarier than Groundskeeper Willie from everyone’s favourite yellow family coming after you...[Read More]

Young Frankenstein – 31 Nights of Halloween

Most people throughout the month of October like to watch movies that scare them, terrify them and maybe even make them lose a little bit of sleep. What if there was a horror spoof that existed that brought to life one of the greatest stories ever told, and made it funny? No, I’m not referring to Scream or anything by Wes Craven, I’m not even referring to anyone who works in the realm of horror, u...[Read More]

Saw – 31 Nights of Halloween

I guess you learn something new every day, like James Wan second features was the torture porn creating (not the first installment) torturous, terrifying, and downright disturbing SAW. James Wan directs and co-writes SAW with Leigh Whannell (who wrote/directed Upgrade which will be discussed night 27 of Halloween). There is something about SAW that truly is captivating as its practically a bottlen...[Read More]

Till Death – 31 Nights of Halloween

Megan Fox what a career she has had, after all she is weed, but honestly got her breakout on Transformers and has proved repeatedly since then that she has the chops to deliver terrific performances and captivate audience. Till Death is no different, this twist on Gerald’s Game with a much more devilish reasoning, Till Death is the perfect suspenseful thriller one could ask for. The movie focuses ...[Read More]

Hocus Pocus – 31 Nights of Halloween

It was 1993 when a movie introduced the Sanderson sisters to world. A trio of witches who invade Salem in modern times (well, 1993 standard times), and while Hocus Pocus is not billed as horror movie it is a great movie to watch around Halloween. I know in our household we tend to watch it the week before Halloween. The movie is heightened by the incredibly fun performances given by Bette Midler, ...[Read More]

The Vigil – 31 Nights of Halloween

Jewish horror, not something that is usually done in mainstream horrors, is something that can be more terrifying than a usual typical horror movie. As a person of Jewish descent, something as frightening and annoying as a family gathering can be horror educing, see my thoughts on Shiva Baby here, However, feature...[Read More]

The Free Fall – 31 Nights of Halloween

If you want to talk about up and coming directors and writers, there are very few whose first few pieces of work have set up the path to greatness, and director Adam Stilwell and screenwriter Kent Harper have done exactly that with their feature The Free Fall. The movie is a suspenseful, stomach churning horror thriller that is trying to put the missing pieces of her life back together, backed by ...[Read More]

Silence of the Lambs – 31 Nights of Halloween

I mean, if you haven’t seen this genuine classic before I couldn’t possibly fathom why. Moving on though, if you have 4k capabilities the Kino Lorber release of Silence of the Lambs is the best the movie has ever looked. The colour grading, the erasing of the pixilation and grain, just everything about this new 4K release is exquisite and absolutely gorgeous. The Johnathan Demme movie The Silence ...[Read More]

Ready or Not – 31 Nights of Halloween

I am going to be brutally honest here, and tell you that when I went to go see Ready or Not in theatres opening week I thought I was going to be in for a mildly amusing schlocky gory comedy, and boy was I wrong. It was absolutely nothing I expected and in the best way possible. It was charming, funny, enlightening, bloody, and packed a wicked punch. Here I was expecting a middle of the road movie,...[Read More]

Halloween II – 31 Nights of Halloween

More Halloween! It is only fitting after we’ve reviewed the original Halloween, and then Halloween Kills, we talk about Halloween II. So of course for night 16 of Shocktober we dive back into the world of Michael Myers, and it being argued amongst the fan base the only worthy sequel (people are really divided on Kills). There is a lot of things to love about Halloween II, a lot of things to shake ...[Read More]

The Nightmare Before Christmas – 31 Nights of Halloween

There are very few Halloween/horror movies that you can sit down and watch with young kids that aren’t filled with nightmare inducing scares. There is one, however, that is often discussed not only around Halloween, but also around Christmas. It’s from the mind of Tim Burton and features some very catchy tunes and one Jack Skellington. That’s right, I’m talking about The Nightmare Before Christmas...[Read More]

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