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Young Frankenstein – 31 Nights of Halloween

Most people throughout the month of October like to watch movies that scare them, terrify them and maybe even make them lose a little bit of sleep. What if there was a horror spoof that existed that brought to life one of the greatest stories ever told, and made it funny? No, I’m not referring to Scream or anything by Wes Craven, I’m not even referring to anyone who works in the realm of horror, unless you talk to some of the producers he’s managed to piss off. I’m talking about the comedy genius Mel Brooks and his brilliant and hilarious Young Frankenstein, yes Frankenstein emphasis on STEIN pronounced STEEN.

Young Doctor Frederick Frankenstein played by the incomparable Gene Wilder, is invited to Transylvania and discovers how to re-animate bodies which goes against his entire belief system, he wants to so desperately proof his grandfather is not insane. However, with the help of Igor played by Marty Feldman. Doctor Frederick Frankenstein creates The Monster played by Peter Boyle. Chaos ensues as Transylvania is now plagued, once again, with another monster created by a Frankenstein.

I couldn’t fathom trying to figure out if it was the genius of Gene Wilder’s delivery and composure or if it is the sheer enigma that is Mel Brooks, but everything in Young Frankenstein is gold. The performances and chemistry shared between Wilder and Peter Boyle is nothing short of brilliant. The performances from everyone in the cast is exceptional, the delivery of absurdist, over the top, and plain right hurting comedy is simply sublime.

Young Frankenstein is anything and everything you could hope for in a movie, that also delivers doubly as a Halloween movie. It is silly, over the top, gut wrenchingly perfect, it is absolutely everything someone could ask for, for some lighter fare during October. Whether it is your first time seeing Young Frankenstein or your hundredth, it is always a great time. Now remember it is FRANKENSTEEN not FRANKENSTEIN

Crave Factor – 9/10

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