Den of Iniquity

Once Upon A Horror – Kickstart your horror fix!

Two of my very favorite people from back in my horrorizing days – the Den of Iniquity days, the “movie-disc-movie” days – are launching a phenomenal-looking new project with the best Kickstarter campaign you’ve ever seen. Why is this Kickstarter campaign so special, you may ask?

Flash Back – Our Comics

Back in 2003 Axel and I attempted to get our comic strip off the ground. Unfortunately, our artist was leaving for university and would no longer have the time to continue to draw out our crazy comics. As they haven’t posted to Eye Crave Network I figured it was time to drag out the nearly 10-year old comics for all too see.

Frankenhooker rises from the grave!

Yesssirrreeeeee Bob! Did I ever get a happy surprise and a blast from the past in the mailbox today. A beautiful new Blu-ray copy of my all-time favorite 90′s video naughty, Frankenhooker! Courtesy of the fine folks at Synapse Films. Coming to Blu next month, this Frank Henenlotter classic of the VHS era is one of my most beloved teen memories. Round about 1991, when I was at the height of my love...[Read More]

Filmography 2010 – 270 Films in 6-Minutes

2010 was a good year for film. Some might even go as far as saying a great year for film. YouTube user genrocks has created a 6-minute montage summing up her movie experience from 2010. If you call yourself a film fan you should check out this video.

DARK STARS RISING available December 14th

Still looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for the underground cinema fan on your list? Well, here comes Santa Claus!!! DARK STARS RISING, Shade Rupe’s new collection of interviews, pics and unbelievable tidbits of Mondo trivia is available tomorrow! The smaller half of Penn & Teller ends his silence for a lengthy discussion of magic and falsehoods… Divine opens the closet dur...[Read More]

‘There’s Nothing Out There’ returns to DVD September 28

“We don’t know anything about that creature except it, like everyone else, hates a mouth full of shaving cream!” Our old pal Rolfe Kanefsky, writer director of THE HAZING, NIGHTMARE MAN and the upcoming ONE IN THE GUN, recently hipped us to the rerelease of his hilarious 80’s horror throwback THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE.

TromaDance NM Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions!

Are you an indie filmmaker on the rise? Doing it your way and looking for a festival that celebrates ingenuity, creativity and cojones?! Check out the TROMADANCE NEW MEXICO FILM FESTIVAL

White Wall on DVD & Blu

“In the near future, a handful of cities subsist behind a large white wall. These cities hold the last survivors of a fatal virus. Transformed into a child soldier in his youth, both a victim and a vessel of violence, Shawn Kors (James Boss) dreams of a new life. When a war erupts between the controlling militia and a terrorist gang, Shawn gives up the life he’s built to confront the p...[Read More]

DEFECTIVE MAN! Red Band Trailer!

More independent film world craziness from the lawless wilds of the American Southwest… Writer/director Ryan Mowry has sent along a new treat for those waiting to get a glimpse of his ‘superhero’ opus, DEFECTIVE MAN! We reviewed a rough cut of the film back in December (check that out HERE) or click on for the fully-restricted, no-watching-unless-you’re-old-enough-to-drink-...[Read More]

Watch Jessicka Rabid – FREE ONLINE!!!

Our ol’ pal from down Tucson way, the lovely Lady E, Elske McCain has put her magnificent exploitation epic JESSICKA RABID online for all to see. It’s free to view. Yes, I said FREE…  

Movie Review: Defective Man (2009)

Are you ready for the 8-fisted power of the Defective Four? Can you handle the tale of Defective Man! and his cadre of costumed crime fighters, protecting the harsh streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico? Then check this out…

Muppets Perform Queen

This is the busy season for me out in the real world so I haven’t been around very much, but I just HAD to post this for all the Muppet fans who frequent the site. Seems someone was bored at the ole’ Muppet Labs or something because a video of everyone’s favorite felt friends has hit you tube and they’re performing Bohemian Rhapsady Muppet style. If you want your day made, ...[Read More]

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