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Malignant – 31 Days of Halloween

Malignant a form of cancer, emanating ill will, or quiet simply James Wan sick twisted mind is back in all its bloody excellence. While Malignant takes three vastly different approaches throughout the movie, switching between a weird B movie, to something truly despicable and ending with complete insanity that will leave audiences astonished.

The movie focuses on the astounding and incredible Annabelle Wallis, playing Madison, as she has these visions of people being murdered, gruesomely by a shadow-y figure who brings her into the crime scenes, making her witness every moment of the grizzly events. In the first opening moments of the film, were shown a team of doctors who are trying to help, what appears to be a child as we see child like socks on their feet, and then the doctor pronounces they have to cut the cancer out, and we see a figure behind an opaque window as the movie cuts to modern day.

These murders that are occurring seem to be focused on the doctors we saw at the beginning of the film, and with no reason why Madison is seeing them occur in real time, while not physically being present, the audience is asked the biggest question as to why this is happening.

What makes Malignant such a powerful movie, is James Wan direction and storytelling throughout the movie. The twist is something most audiences won’t see coming, and even if you do discover the secrets that lay beneath, nothing will prepare you for what comes next. Malignant keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire feature, brings the horror to the forefront and delivers some of the best action sequences seen in recent memory.

While James Wan has been making horror for most of his career, and sometimes they get spinoffs that have exhausted audiences to no return, Malignant is a return to form for the horror master. Blood, guts, gore, and physical body horror makes Malignant one of the most visceral movies of the year. As well with Annabelle Wallis’ performance, and absolutely stealing the show and the entire screen time the near two hour runtime flies by with one of the most satisfying, unexpectedly engrosssing movies of the year.  

Crave Factor – 9/10

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