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Till Death – 31 Nights of Halloween

Megan Fox what a career she has had, after all she is weed, but honestly got her breakout on Transformers and has proved repeatedly since then that she has the chops to deliver terrific performances and captivate audience. Till Death is no different, this twist on Gerald’s Game with a much more devilish reasoning, Till Death is the perfect suspenseful thriller one could ask for.

The movie focuses on Emma played by Megan Fox and her now dead weight husband Mark played by Eoin Macken as they go to a deserted cabin to rekindle their love. When morning arrives, Emma is stuck handcuffed to her now dead husband who turns out to have killed himself because of complications in their relationships. Mark hired some goons, Bobby played by Callan Mulvey and Jimmy played by Jack Roth, to come to the house and steal some diamonds. The duo realizes that the person who hired them is now dead, and Emma is now caught in this very dangerous game of cat and mouse while fighting for her life.

 The direction by S.K. Dale is only helped by the incredible script of Jason Carvey. As the film continues to progress, it continuously switches between what it lays out and what the film continues to do is something different. This leaves the audience constantly not knowing what to expect and the next thing is something better and more exciting. The wonderful direction and interesting script are only backed by the incredible performance by Megan Fox.

Everything in Till Death continues to surprise and one up whatever the audience expects at each and every turn exemplified by a brilliant performance. The film is such a wonderful surprise, and an incredible delight that continues to please and delight its audience. If you haven’t seen Till Death yet, do yourself a favour and watch this really enjoyable Megan Fox show stealing film.

Crave Factor 8/10

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