Eye Crave Turns 10

A long long time ago I started my website on a free make your own site page. I called it Mackey’s World and I wrote movie reviews based on the VHS I personally owned. I made wallpapers and worked on my web development skills. I could be wrong, but I believe it was in 1995 it all started. On January 19th, 2001 I decided to go pro, as they say, and registered my first domain name – EyeCr...[Read More]

The Good, The Bad, The Twenty-Ought-Eight

Normally, I avoid these “year in review” type articles as I don’t really keep tabs on everything that happened over the year. However, 2008 turned out to be strange year for EyeCraveDVD.com as it migrated from a DVD information site into a full fledge entertainment site. November of 2008 saw EyeCraveDVD.com grow into Eye Crave Network.

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