The Feast – Review

Psychological horrors are not uncommon, but they usually miss the mark and misdeliver the psychological aspect and deliver something rather uninteresting and frustrating. However, when they’re done right they sit with you for months and months continually getting you to re-examine everything you’ve seen and want to dissect it in the greatest way possible. Lee Haven Jones and Roger Williams, both d...[Read More]

The Vigil – 31 Nights of Halloween

Jewish horror, not something that is usually done in mainstream horrors, is something that can be more terrifying than a usual typical horror movie. As a person of Jewish descent, something as frightening and annoying as a family gathering can be horror educing, see my thoughts on Shiva Baby here, https://www.eyecrave.net/features/days-of/shiva-baby-31-nights-of-halloween-review/. However, feature...[Read More]

Seobok – Toronto after Dark Review

Lee Yong-ju writes and directs Seobok, which is absolutely fantastic. It is part human genetical engineering/science fiction, part thriller, and part action that delivers on all fronts and packs a powerful punch. There is also part of the movie that is about morality and human cloning, which is really poignant, Seobok delivers on every front and creates a truly fantastic movie. The film focuses on...[Read More]

Silence of the Lambs – 31 Nights of Halloween

I mean, if you haven’t seen this genuine classic before I couldn’t possibly fathom why. Moving on though, if you have 4k capabilities the Kino Lorber release of Silence of the Lambs is the best the movie has ever looked. The colour grading, the erasing of the pixilation and grain, just everything about this new 4K release is exquisite and absolutely gorgeous. The Johnathan Demme movie The Silence ...[Read More]

Ready or Not – 31 Nights of Halloween

I am going to be brutally honest here, and tell you that when I went to go see Ready or Not in theatres opening week I thought I was going to be in for a mildly amusing schlocky gory comedy, and boy was I wrong. It was absolutely nothing I expected and in the best way possible. It was charming, funny, enlightening, bloody, and packed a wicked punch. Here I was expecting a middle of the road movie,...[Read More]

King Knight – Toronto After Dark Review

If you told me going into King Knight that it was going to star Matthew Gray Gubler as a charming hippie witch in a movie about self-discovery I wouldn’t have entirely known what to think. The movie is a hippie witch soul searching vibe, that makes the audience think back to their high school days and how far or how not far they’ve come since leaving that depth of personal hell. King Knight certai...[Read More]

International Shorts After Dark – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Not enough people pay attention to short films, and not enough people tend to go out of their way to watch them during a film festival on the simple basis of there are so many features and so little time. However, shorts usually are better than most of the middle of the road features anyways because the programmers program the cream of the crop for their festival, and the programmers at Toronto Af...[Read More]

Insidious – 31 Nights of Halloween

I have never seen Insidious prior to this viewing, and after seeing Malignant (our review) I had to see more of James Wan’s madness. I was very pleasantly surprised by this tightly packed, truly horrifying feature. There was no better feature for the 12th day of Shocktober. From the twisted direction of James Wan comes a new horror thrill, something truly Insidious. Finally there is a horror movie...[Read More]

Landlocked – Nightstream Review

Sometimes a movie doesn’t have to be an adventure into chaos, or demon slaying mythic arts, but instead a window into the soul and the destruction around it. Landlocked is the latter, and it’s an interesting take to preserve memory and those thoughts and moments we hold near and dear to us. Landlocked is that exact movie, it focuses on Mason played by Mason Owens and written and directed by Paul O...[Read More]

Prevenge – 31 Nights of Halloween

Tonight’s 31 nights of Halloween watch was a revisit to a movie I saw in 2016 at the Toronto International Film Festival, and thought it was one of the funniest, wildest, craziest things I ever saw at the time, Prevenge written directed and starring Alice Lowe. When I revisited Prevenge tonight on Shudder, I saw a movie that definitely did not bring back the memories of five years ago, it feels he...[Read More]

Madres – Review

This partnership between Blumhouse and Amazon truly is something remarkable. The movies that are coming out of this partnership range from ridiculous bloodbaths, hilarious horror comedies, and downright nerve shaking emotionally driven based on true event stories. Madres falls into the latter category and the scariest part is the final minute of the film, which is in fact just news reels and facts...[Read More]

Saloum – Fantastic Fest Review

Saloum is a wild trip taking place in Senegal in 2003, the action is intense, the story is captivating, and the twists are never seen coming. While the movie is short in its length, the story and action will linger with its audience much past the films ending. Saloum is a great entry into Jean Luc Herbulot’s filmography, and I cannot wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. There is so much inv...[Read More]

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