Disney / Pixar Move North

Here’s a little bit of unexpected and pleasant news for us Canuks. It seems that Disney and Pixar are setting up a brand new multi-million dollar animation studio in Vancouver. While the studio won’t be producing full length movies, they WILL be animating all the big characters like Woody and Buzz for DVD’s, games and theme parks. Pixar’s next movie ‘Up’ hits th...[Read More]

Wall-E – Theatrical Review

One day way back in June of 2007 a trailer slid across my desk. In this trailer I hear Andrew Stanton talking about a lunch meeting he had with the rest of the Pixar team in the summer of 1994. Toy Story was almost done, they knew they had a hit, so they’re spit balling ideas. They came up with all of the Pixar movies that we’ve come to know and love. The final idea they came up with was the story...[Read More]

DVD Artwork for The Incredibles

The latest computer animated film from the wizes over at Pixar will be coming to DVD sometime in April next year, but for now we can tease you with the DVD cover art for THE INCREDIBLES. Check it out…

The Incredibles – Theatrical Review

Here’s the question. What do you get when merge family life with being a superhero? You get THE INCREDIBLES, which is the latest film from Pixar Animation. Something that I keep finding harder and harder to say is “This is Pixar’s best movie yet!”, mainly because they do keep getting better and this is their sixth success. Depending on what province you’re in here in Canada there are different rat...[Read More]

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