Brought together on a mysterious planet, a mercenary (Adrien Brody) and a group of coldblooded killers now become the prey. A new breed of aliens pursues the ragtag humans through dense jungle. The group must work together to survive, or become the latest trophies of the fearsome intergalactic hunters.

TCFHE – Predators Blu-ray Announcement – Oct 19

EXPERIENCE THE NEW BREED OF ACTION ROBERT RODRIGUEZ PRESENTS The Hunt Begins on Blu-ray and DVD October 19 Including Exclusive Motion Comics That Reveal The Predator’s Back-story   TORONTO, ON (August 24, 2010) – “This planet is a game preserve, and we’re the game.” The ultimate hunters are back when Robert Rodriguez’ PREDATORS arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on October 19th from Twentieth Century...[Read More]

Fox Wants a ‘Predators’ Sequel

With the success of Predators at the box office it’s not surprise the big wigs over at 20th Century Fox want Robert Rodriguez and team to get a sequel going. The Nimród Antal directed film has made over $80 million worldwide thus far. Here’s are the details that IGN scored from Rodriguez: “[The studio] said, ‘Let’s do some other ones. What other story ideas do you hav...[Read More]

Predators – Theatrical Review

In 1924 the Collier’s Weekly magazine published a short story by Richard Connell titled, ‘The Most Dangerous Game.’ In it the main character Sanger Rainsford, a big game hunter from New York, ends up on an isolated island in the Carribean. Once there Rainsford finds himself in the hunt of his life as not the hunter but the hunted by a Russian aristocrat, General Zaroff. The eleme...[Read More]

‘Masters of the Universe’ Lives Again

Back in 2008 there was some action on the Masters of the Universe property with Warner Bros. and Joel Silver being involved. Then came an extremely positive review of the Justin Marks script titled GRAYSKULL. El Mayimbe raved about the script calling it a ‘masterpiece’. Mattel and Warner Bros. eventually parted ways after they were unable to see eye to eye in the creative direction of ...[Read More]

Full ‘Predators’ Trailer a Must Watch

If the teaser from South by Southwest wasn’t enough for you Fox has released the full trailer for the film. I must admit that this film is now a must see for me on the big screen. Watch it and comment below… Available in HD at the Official Site

MUST WATCH: ‘Predators’ Sneak Peek

If you weren’t fortunate enough to be at SXSW this weekend the folks from 20th Century Fox didn’t want you to miss out on the Nimrod Antal directed, Robert Rodriguez produced PREDATORS. And I must say… … it looks as though Antal and Rodriguez have this franchise back on track. I won’t repeat what Robert says in this sneak peek, but know that I believe they truly has t...[Read More]

‘Predators’ Beware – Brody Will Be Hunting You Too!

Adrien Brody is slated to star as an elite warrior leader in Fox’s sci-fi reboot – Predators.  Brody will be known as a hunter of men, but will simultaneously be hunted by a race of merciless killers with awesome strength, super-advanced weapons and invisibility cloaking.  Robert Rodriguez will produce along with Elizabeth Avellan while the film will be directed by Nimrod Antal.

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