Sam Worthington

Terminator Salvation

All grown up in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor must lead the resistance of humans against the increasingly dominating militaristic robots. But when Marcus Wright appears, his existence confuses the mission as Connor tries to determine whether Wright has come from the future or the past -- and whether he's friend or foe.


In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson), is caught in a war between gods and is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), the god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus leads a band of warriors on a dangerous quest to prevent Hades from overthrowing the king of the gods and laying waste to Earth.

‘Clash of the Titans’ Comes Home in July

Release the KRAKEN… on Blu-ray and DVD. That’s what Warner Home Video plans to do this coming July. Check out the sell sheet inside. Yup. Own Clash of the Titans on July 27th, 2010.

Clash of the Titans (2010) – Theatrical Review

0When James Cameron said Avatar was a “game changer”, he was right for the wrong reasons. Yes, there will be an influx of 3D films to come for the foreseeable future, but when it comes right down to it, many of those pictures will be converted to the format rather than actually shot for it like Avatar was. While 3D is really just the studios way to combat piracy and make an extra dolla...[Read More]

Theatrical Review

20th Century Fox’s handling of the marketing for Avatar does not truly reflect the magnitude of this film. However, I don’t really see how they could have properly marketed the breadth and dimension presented in this  nearly 3-hour thrill-ride. Perhaps it’s because I saw it in 3D and not 2D, but this massively impressive and engrossing film IS something that MUST be seen on ...[Read More]

‘Clash of the Titans’ Unleashes a Second Trailer

The second trailer Clash of the Titans has hit the web and it’s even better than the first. More creatures, more monsters, more gods and a kraken to boot. With word coming from the LA Times that Warner Bros. has given director Louis Leterrier more money to shoot some all-new scenes early next month to fix some rough spots in the film this movie is shaping up to be a potential epic. Here̵...[Read More]

Trailer: ‘Clash of the Titans’

Since the 80’s there has been few action stars. It seems as though Sam Worthington is after the title. Just look at the movies he’s doing on these days – Terminator Salvation, Avatar and now Clash of the Titans. Yes, I’ve written too much already because I know all you want to do is see the trailer. The film also stars Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Alexa Davalos, Danny Hu...[Read More]

First Official ‘Avatar’ Photo

Movie geeks have been waiting years for James Cameron to return to the sci-fi arena. When he does later this year with AVATAR I’m certain movie theatres will be running out of napkins. If you know what I mean. With Avatar Day only a week away /Film has posted the first official image from the film.

Clash with Sam Worthington in Titans Photo

The first official pic of Sam Worthington in his full Perseus get up is online thanks to someone who owns a scanner. The pic is from Empire magazine and show him all bloodied up. Warner Bros has set the release date for March 26th, 2010. WB seems to like that month for its blood splattering titles. I’m sure we’ll get to see some footage come Comic-Con, but how good with this be compare...[Read More]

‘Avatar’ Concept Art Discovered

MarketSaw has scored themselves a pretty sweet scoop with some concept art James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi flick Avatar. The concept art comes from the upcoming The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure book. Keep in mind this is concept art, but the power suit looks quite a bit like the spy shot from the set the other day. MarketSaw went as far to confirm the images and get pe...[Read More]

James Cameron Talks ‘Avatar’

It’s maybe the most mysterious movie that’s been developed in the last decade or so, but this is finally the year that James Cameron is going to follow up ‘Titanic’ by getting back to his sci-fi roots with ‘Avatar’, which will apparently feature revolutionary 3D no less. Jump ahead for his comments.

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