Sands of Time

‘Prince of Persia’ Drops in September on Blu-ray / DVD

With comic books nearly plucked dry studios are looking elsewhere for stories to turn to film. It’s no surprise that they took a chance on the Prince of Persia video game series. The stories, usually, have been exceptionally good, and there’s been a tonne of action in the games. Mix that with mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer, some Jack Gyllenhaal, and a little Gemma Arton and you get Pr...[Read More]

Movie Trailer for ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’

The Prince of Persia video game line has been successful due in part to the usually solid and impressive story told within in them. It’s no surprise that someone in Hollywood picked up the rights to make a movie and I must say that Disney looks like they might finally have a video game adaptation worth talking about.

First ‘Prince of Persia – Sands of Time’ Footage Now Online

Does Jerry Bruckheimer have what it takes to make a successful video game adaption? He sure has a chance with the Mike Newell directed action / adventure film based of the popular Ubisoft franchise Prince of Persia.

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