science fiction

International Shorts After Dark – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Not enough people pay attention to short films, and not enough people tend to go out of their way to watch them during a film festival on the simple basis of there are so many features and so little time. However, shorts usually are better than most of the middle of the road features anyways because the programmers program the cream of the crop for their festival, and the programmers at Toronto Af...[Read More]

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – Fantastic Fest Review

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is one of the rare instances when the time travelling comedy gets it right and makes it even more impressive that the movie is one shot. Delicately balancing that thin line between outrageous comedy and believable comedy, while doing a sci-fi comedy is a very tough act, but the story and performances certainly help carry this very well-crafted film. The film focuses...[Read More]

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