Scream (2022) – Official Trailer

Let’s keep this simple shall we? 25 years ago Wes Craven started a horror franchise that brought us three, yes three, sequels which not only made fun of horror movies, but also gave us one of the best slashers ever. Now, the franchise is, hopefully, being revived again with a new Scream coming to theatres in January 2022. Synopsis: Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked t...[Read More]

Steelbook Saturday – August 14th Edition

It’s been about four weeks since our last Steelbook Saturday. I was on vacation for a few of those. Also, I have decided if there is nothing new no reason to post. We’re back with Steelbook Saturday – August 14th Edition. So, let’s have a look at what’s new because there is A LOT. Scream – Steelbook Release date: October 19th Pre-order from: Wonder Wo...[Read More]

Scream 4K UltraHD Details Announced

With a relaunch of the Scream franchise is scheduled for next year the Wes Craven original is set for 4K UltraHD release just before Halloween later this year. The 25th Anniversary release is set for release on October 19th. We previous reported that is rumored to release in October. There will also be a stupid sexy Steelbook available from Paramount as well. The new Scream 4K Ultra HD, Limited-Ed...[Read More]

Scream and The Addams Family Slated for 4K UltraHD Release

Paramount Home Entertainment is rumoured to be releasing two classics in October on 4K UltraHD Blu-ray. The Addams Family and the Wes Craven horror classic Scream will be getting be getting the 4K treatment for physical media collectors. The rumoured release date is October 12th for the two disc sets (1x4KUHD,1xBlu-ray). HD Movie Source posted the pre-orders today giving some specs for the movies....[Read More]

Scream like it’s 1996

I can’t believe it, yet another Scream movie is on the way. In fact, perhaps even a new trilogy of them. Dimension Films has just released its upcoming production schedule and it looks to contain a lot of what it did back in the late 90’s, only now is gee whiz 3D. Included is a confirmation that Neve Campbel will be joining Courtney and David Arquette for more Scream movies, as well as...[Read More]

New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer SCREAMS ‘Watch ME’

Warner Bros. took advantage of the 2008 Scream Awards which aired on Spike TV to show off a new trailer for the much anticipated Watchmen movie. The movie due 03/06/09 stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre, Malin Akerman as Spectre II, Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, and Matthew Goode as Ozymandias and is directed by Zach Snyder. *Upda...[Read More]

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