Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

With their beloved Andy preparing to leave for college, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack), and the rest of the toys find themselves headed for the attic but mistakenly wind up on the curb with the trash. Woody's quick thinking saves the gang, but all but Woody end up being donated to a day-care center. Unfortunately, the uncontrollable kids do not play nice, so Wo...[Read More]

Toy Story 3 – Blu-ray Review

Movie Review I still recall my reaction upon seeing Toy Story in theatres in 1995. I’m a giant child! You can ask my wife! She usually says she has 4 kids instead of the 3 little ladies we actually have. Consequently, since seeing this movie at a special drive-in night my 2-year-old is addicted to Buzz and more so Woody (whose face is now on our pumpkin this year). Anyhow, back to the review. Whil...[Read More]

Interview with Writer Michael Arndt (TOY STORY 3)

This morning journalists were invited to a virtual round table with Oscar winner, writer, and Pixar employee Michael Arndt in support of the upcoming release of TOY STORY 3 on Blu-ray and DVD. Check out what he had to say: Q: Were you given any specific restrictions for the characters or the plot that you had to work within? Michael Arndt: This was — to me — the most amazing thing abou...[Read More]

BVHE Press Release: Toy Story 3 (Blu-ray) – Nov 2

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ANIMATED RELEASE OF ALL TIME COMES HOME! THE BIGGEST TOY STORY YET JUST GOT BIGGER WITH BLU-RAY™ COMBO PACK OFFERING THREE WAYS TO ENJOY! DISNEY●PIXAR’S Toy Story 3 Buzz and Woody – Coming To Blu-ray™ Hi-Def and DVD – November 2, 2010 BURBANK, Calif., September 2010 – They’re back! Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios present the critically-accl...[Read More]

Toy Story 3 – Theatrical Review

Each new Pixar release comes with a bilateral expectations. On one hand, everyone eagerly awaits the next quality Pixar project. On the other, there is an undercurrent of wondering how long can Pixar maintain their streak of superior works. Toy Story 3 was a prime candidate for a Pixar stumble. It is the third go around with the same concept. A concept that has set high benchmarks with the previou...[Read More]

‘Toy Story 3’ Teaser on ET – Updated

Entertainment Tonight has aired the Toy Story 3 teaser that will debut in front of Pixar’s UP. It’s crappy quality, but you’re skipping UP this weekend at least you can have a sneak peek at it. I’ve updated the trailer to a better quality version rather than keep that phone cam’ed version. If you want to see the teaser in High-Def head on over to

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