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Zack Snyder talks 300 prequel and 3D

Apparently at the moment author/ director/ bad ass Frank Miller is working on a prequel graphic novel to his tour de force page turner turned movie 300, which was masterfully brought to life in the movie theater by one Mr Zack Snyder. Will Zack direct the film? Will the original be brought back to theaters in glorious and overused 3D? Find out after the jump. Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Twilight Eclipse Teaser Poster

It all begins… with a choice! My choice is NO, but any of you team Twilight fans out there will probably get a kick out of the teaser poster for Twilight Eclipse that was just released to the interwebs.

‘Clash of the Titans’ International Trailer

Check it out, we have the new International Trailer to the upcoming epic Clash of the Titans. Grab your spear and pull your sword ’cause all of the action is waiting for you inside. If you like what you saw, for an HD copy of the trailer check out the post at IGN.

Sherlock 2 Fast Tracked

The game is afoot! According to the LA Times Guy Richie is ending or at least pausing his involvement of the upcoming LOBO comic book movie adaption to focus his efforts in getting a sequel to Sherlock Holmes in theaters as quickly as possible. I have yet to see the first movie, but all the reviews I’ve heard have seemed very positive so I’m hopeful a sequel is as warranted as it sound...[Read More]

Green Lantern Concept Art? – UPDATED

Well what have we here? The Guardians of the Universe seem to have shined their green lights down upon the internet going public by possibly revealing a few pieces of concept artwork for the upcoming major motion picture production “The Green Lantern”. I say possibly because as we all know, strange things that are too good to be true are usually the most trustworthy information on the ...[Read More]

Avatar Passes The Dark Knight

Holy Moly! Avatar is unstoppable. It has just officially surpassed The Dark Knight in domestic box office gross and is set to beat Titanic for all time domestic box office champ shortly after, a feat it just accomplished internationally. I can attest to it’s popularity having plunked down my $13.50 last night to see it for the first time. Here it is about a month after it opened and the thea...[Read More]

Yogi Bear Live Action on the Way

All aboard the remake train, the latest kids movie to be given the gee whiz modern computer animated treatment is gonna be Yogi Bear by the folks over at Warner Brothers. Take that shot to your pickernick baskets! The movie is set to be a live action / cgi hybird ala Alvin and the Chipmunks. Apparently in mind for the voice of the jellystone resident – Dan Akroyd, with Justin Timberlake as B...[Read More]

Terminator Boobage!

Back when Terminator Salvation was in development and the issue of what the movie was going to be rated was the topic de jour, director McG said he was going to make the movie he was going to make and the ratings would be wherever the cards fell. I guess that didn’t include a shot of hottie Moon Bloodgood’s shapely upper body because it was decided that footage of her topless would be ...[Read More]

Ghost in the Shell in 3D

I remember as a kid being at a buddies birthday party when I was no more then 8, and their older brother coming over and throwing in “an animated movie we’d like” into the ole’ hifi VCR. Turns out it was the 1988 movie Akira and for the next 2 or so hours our innocence was ripped away as we watched some of the weirdest, violent but amazing animation any of us had ever seen....[Read More]

The Simpsons and Wolverine in Deadpool’s Motorcade

I have a trio of interesting news stories today. Where else could you find The Simpsons, Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds? Read ahead for info on possible Wolverine and Simpsons sequels and a Presidential Motorcade.

Scream like it’s 1996

I can’t believe it, yet another Scream movie is on the way. In fact, perhaps even a new trilogy of them. Dimension Films has just released its upcoming production schedule and it looks to contain a lot of what it did back in the late 90’s, only now is gee whiz 3D. Included is a confirmation that Neve Campbel will be joining Courtney and David Arquette for more Scream movies, as well as...[Read More]

Watchmen – The Ultimate Cut Announced

Finally the announcement that Watchmen fans have been waiting for since they learned it was coming from Zach Snyder himself. Watchmen – The Ultimate Cut is coming to DVD and Blu-ray this November from out friends at Warner Brothers and will include the entire comic as presented in movie form which includes the black freighter scenes, as well as the motion comic as an extra and all new bonus ...[Read More]

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