Movies That Reflect My Work Life

There are so many movies out there that can reflect ones life. Some movies you can easily picture yourself in the situation of the lead actor and sometimes even hope that something as exciting will happen to you. While recently watching a movie that seemed to perfectly encapsulate my work life, I decided I’d slap together a list of movies that reflect my day-to-day grind in the real world.

Reader Mail Vol. 1

Every now and then we receive e-mails from our readers. Therefore, we’ve decided to add a section called “The Mailbox” to respond to our readers. Simpsons Season 2 – Menu Fix?? Potter title is wrong? Getting intimate with Chris Botti? Our first mail comes from John, regarding THE SIMPSONS: COMPLETE SECOND SEASON Box set: “Regarding your complaint about the menu upon f...[Read More]

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