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Jennifer’s Body DVD Review Blip

*Editor’s Note: At Eye Crave Network we do not review screener copies of DVDs as we cannot fully evaluate the quality of the final product. However, we felt that Jennifer’s Body deserved something. Therefore, I asked Alyx to write a brief film review for the screener DVD.

Movie Review

In spite of some of the typical, high school movie clichés (mean girls, sex, demon cheerleaders, etc), I don’t know if you can still consider Jennifer’s Body an overall horrible movie. Do I think that the story has a ton of holes? Sure. Are there scenes in the movie that make absolutely no sense at all? Totally. But I don’t think the movie’s a complete waste of time. If I’m a pre-teen or teenage girl (some days I even act like one) I have to figure that the titular character would come off as sort of superhero. A figure of female empowerment at an age where hormones are going crazy, boys act like retards and in some fantastical way, the ability to rip into someone’s throat in order to let off some steam or solve a problem.

The performances aren’t all that bad, in fact, they’re pretty good for a film like this. Megan Fox actually comes off pretty well unlike her work in the Transformers movies, which I felt was very flat and boring. Here, she’s seductive and sometimes sensitive, which I was surprised by. Amanda Seyfried as her more “normal” friend is adorable and relatable. The directing was okay, nothing visually blew me away and as I mentioned before, a couple of the plot holes and the editing of scenes was a bit choppy at best. I still think Diablo Cody is a fine writer but her dialogue in this and more so Juno is very unrelatable and unnatural.

In the end, Jennifer’s Body is not as horrible as I thought it’d be. While it’s a mess in parts, there are still some salvageable elements here to satisfy the viewer.

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