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Mad Max 4 Is A Go! Here Comes ‘Fury Road’

Twenty-five years later and Max is still mad.  Furious even, due to all the delays the third sequel has undergone. This time things finally look solid as Tom Hardy and Charline Theron have been officially signed on. They will headline this trip back to the future apocalyptic world envisioned by director/writer George Miller and brought to life by the then unknown actor, Mel Gibson.

As reported by Variety, Tom Harding will step in to the boots and leathers replacing Mel Gibson. The British actor was seen in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, Star Trek Insurrection as Captain Picard’s evil clone Shinzon, and most recently in, after a stunning physical transformation, Bronson. On tap Hardy will be seen in the upcoming Nolan post Dark Knight Sci-Fi film, Inception.

Joining Hardy will be Oscar winning actress Charline Theron. She will be seen next in Dimension’s post-apocalyptic “The Road” opposite Viggo Mortensen. The film is based on the book of the same name penned by Cormac McCarthy of, ‘No Country for Old Men,’ fame.

Filming is scheduled to start shooting August 2010 in Australia and is officially titled Fury Road.

Is the world ready for another go around with the Angry Australian? Given the upward trending in gasoline prices the return of this franchise may be more timely than ever.

 Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

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