Donnie Yen Joins John Wick: Chapter 4

Martial Arts legend and movie star Donnie Yen is joining the John Wick series with Keanu Reeves in Chapter 4. Director Chad Stahelski added him to the cast as an old friend of Wick’s who share his history and many of the same enemies.

“We are very lucky to have Donnie Yen join the franchise,” said Stahelski. “I am looking forward to working with him in this exciting new role.”

Added (Producer Basil) Iwanyk: “Donnie Yen will bring a vibrant and powerful energy to the franchise. We were determined to bring him on board to John Wick 4 and are thrilled for the opportunity to have such a major talent to collaborate with Keanu.”


Will we see Yen and Reeves square off or will they remain friends? Only time will tell. If you weren’t all in before. You should be now. There’s not really much more to say.

Donnie Yen - Ip Man 3
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