Green Lantern Shooting Next Spring?

The Green Lantern comic book movie is shaping up to be another successful comic book adaptation based on early concept art and script reviews.

Word from First Showing, who caught up with producer Donald De Line, is that they’ve just had another draft of the script turned in and are “gearing up to start shooting early spring”.

De Line also went on to add that “it’s coming together and I’m excited about it. Hopefully we’ll make it to start gate. We’re really close – really close.”

Of course, that sneaky guy at Latino Review, El Mayimbe, got his hands on the first draft of the new script and has a lot of good things to say.

Overall, one of the most solid first draft superhero screenplays EVER. It turned me into a Green Lantern fan and I already ordered Emerald Dawn and Rebirth to read.

Currently, actor David Boreanaz’s is, apparently, in the front running for the lead character. It also so happens that he voiced him in the Warner Bros. recent cartoon Justice League: New Frontier.

De Line also re-affirmed that Greg Berlanti, of Everwood and The Broken Hearts Club, will be directing.


Green Lantern Concept Art


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