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You Season 4 Part 2 – Review

This review for YOU Season 4 Part 2 is completely spoiler free, unless you’ve avoided every aspect of the promotional information. If the trailers have been watched, there is nothing spoilery about the following review. With that being said it is short on plot and briefly touches upon what can be expected for the second half of the season. Part one discussed performances so this review is strictly a what to expect and brief review of the season.

We’re back with a second half of a season that feels almost entirely like a new season versus a new continuation of part one. While audiences who enjoyed the first half of the season, despite my aversion over the fact that it changed what the show was about will be pleased to know that it stays, mostly, intact of the new version of the show. However, it does slowly go back into those first three seasons in the latter half of the second part of the fourth season, it feels slightly disjointed and a little messy, but what isn’t in life? Especially when you’re a killer whose tried to run away from their problems by fleeing to a new country only to get trapped in the same situations you previously left.

While audiences are still reeling from the killings from part one and trying to see how Joe (Penn Badgley) is going to get out of this one, something truly more shocking and interesting lurks around the corner. The return of Joe’s Love, Love Quinn (Vicotria Pedretti)who we last presumed was dead. While we wont get into how she’s in the second half of the fourth season, we will acknowledge that she definitely throws a wrench into Joe’s ultimate end game and things get heated and certainly difficult for our killer turned good guy.

As previously mentioned, the tonal shift for the first half of the season was really jarring and not at all what was expected or really wanted by me personally. I understand that there’s people out there who liked the new change the show took, but it went so far away from its Dexter esque routes and became more CLUE than anything, and it just wasn’t for me. However, with part two of season 4 kind of returning to its roots, there is hope for an intriguing season 5, but we’ll have to wait see what there is in stock for audiences.

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You Season 4 Part 2 – Review


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