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Motherly – Review

We’ve all heard those stories of great strength mothers would go to, to protect their children. It’s nothing new that they develop these great feats of adrenaline to protect their babies, and most parents would literally do anything for their children. The new movie, Motherly does exactly that, makes sure that at all costs this mother protects her daughter from anyone and anything.

Kate played by Lora Burke, lives with her daughter Beth played by Tessa Kozma in the middle of nowhere in a secluded house. Everything about Kate doesn’t appear to be right as there’s constant moments of lucidity that make the audience feel there’s something more than just the surface level of what we are seeing. She keeps seeing a pool of blood, a young girl appearing to be her daughter slain in a bloody fashion and a rather large knife, without any real explanation as to why or what is happening. As things start to progress, we discover that her ex-husband murdered a young woman, and now has died in jail. The young girls’ parents decide to break into Kate’s house and find the truth out with what happened to their daughter in this thrilling murder mystery.

What works really well for Motherly is that it plays itself as a top tier B movie, and doesn’t try to be anything more than it is. Due to the movie knowing exactly what it is and where it belongs, it excels at creating suspense, thrills, and entertainment. However the downfall of the movie is that it has its cheesy, corny moments, especially with the performances. The audience starts to understand that not everything about Kate and Beth are as it appears, and the performances from Lora Burke and Tessa Kozma conveys the chaos and insanity that this movie packs. Motherly is a lot of fun, chaos, and ridiculousness packed into a tight 90 minutes. Stay for the fun, leave if you’re looking for a deep thriller with grounded performances.

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Motherly – Review


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