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Some Like It Rare – Fantastic Fest Review

Vegans beware, or if you have a sense of humour come on down and enjoy the chaos that unfolds in Some Like it Rare, the new French comedy about why you should never cross a butcher! There are rare cases when tongue in cheek comedies can be great, and thankfully Fabrice Eboue who directs, writes, and stars in this absurd comedy manages to perfectly craft the ridiculous, the difficult, and the absolutely insane in this twisted comedy about life, love, and the passion for meat. Everything in Some like it Raw comes together to create the perfect atmosphere for an outlandish comedy that will tickle you right in the funny bone, or maybe just be used to pick the meat between the customers teeth.

Pascal played by Fabrice Eboue and Sophie played by Marina Fois are a married couple whose love life is suffering. This is suspected to be because of their failing butcher shop as Sophie’s friends own several butcheries in their town, grossing millions of dollars a year while they struggle to make ends meet. Their love life has suffered, and their business is failing. A ragtag gang of vegans come in and vandalize the store, throw blood over Sophie and Pascal, and make their day even worse. Pascal gets his hands on one of the vegan criminals, unmasks him, and discovers his identity. One day after visiting Sophie’s friends on the way back, Pascal drives past the vegan on his bike, and decides he wants to have a word with him. In his clumsy way, he accidentally backs up over the vegan cyclist killing him instantly. Not knowing what to do with the body, he brings it back to the butcher shop to dispose of the body, and the next morning Sophie unknowingly sells some of this meat to a customer, and it becomes an instant hit. Pascal then calls it Iranian pork and must continue his new venture of slaughtering vegans to make sure his business can stay afloat.

What makes Some like it Raw so fantastique is the originality behind the concept of the story. Sure, we’ve seen stories of butcheries using victims and serving them as food, even to an extent Sweeney Todd could be classified under that guise. But the contextual agreement that it must be a vegan, and the absurd comedic acts that they find themselves in from having to find the perfect vegan specimen to become their Iranian pork is truly the comedy gold. The performances that are delivered by both Fabrice Eboue and Marina Fois are truly excellent as well, as they fight to save their marriage, business, and their lives essentially. Some like it Raw will leave your throat raw from laughing too ferociously.

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Some Like It Rare – Fantastic Fest Review


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