31 Days of Halloween

Last Survivors review

Director Drew Mylrea and writer Josh Janowicz certainly do not redefine the wheel with Last Survivors but brings forth a film that truly asks some deep dark questions, poses a moral dilemma, and delivers a revelation that will leave the audiences in disbelief. Partnered up with some great performances from its cast, Last Survivors delivers on all fronts providing to be a truly captivating film tha...[Read More]

Paranormal Activity Next of Kin review

A documentary filmmaker follows Margot as she heads to a secluded Amish community, in the hopes of meeting and learning about her long-lost mother and extended family. Following a string of strange occurrences and discoveries, she soon realizes this community that welcomed them into their home might be hiding something sinister…

Scream – 31 Nights of Halloween

Well there’s three days left in October and I shamefully have not talked about Wes Craven yet or what he contributed to the Halloween sub-genre. No sounds more terrifying than the final girls shriek, fingers on a chalkboard, water pipe bursting sound that lets out a good SCREAM. There really is nothing truly scarier than Groundskeeper Willie from everyone’s favourite yellow family coming after you...[Read More]

The Free Fall – Toronto After Dark review

If you want to talk about up and coming directors and writers, there are very few whose first few pieces of work have set up the path to greatness, and director Adam Stilwell and screenwriter Kent Harper have done exactly that with their feature The Free Fall. The movie is a suspenseful, stomach churning horror thriller that is trying to put the missing pieces of her life back together, backed by ...[Read More]

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