Dark Knight

BATMAN 3 in 2012

The Brothers Warner has set the release date for the third installment in the Christopher Nolan BATMAN franchise. The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be a big one with this announcement.

Super ‘Superman’ To Fly Again

Wouldn’t it be super? A man, more than a man, a superman! One worth watching for a change? Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas may be just the ones who can help with that! They brought us Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, so who can argue with that?

Batman 3 Casting Rumours

Thanks to the huge success of The Dark Knight rumours have been flying out the door ever since regarding the plot, villains, and other characters that could appear in ‘Batman 3’. Rather than posting every rumour I waited until I stumbled across the best and most outrageous one yet. First Angelina Jolie was said to be interested in playing Catwoman, there was a mention of Cher, and the ...[Read More]

Live Blog – Dark Knight Live Commentary w/ Christopher Nolan

In approximately 20-minutes the live commentary over BD-Live with Christopher Nolan will begin. If you were one of the lucky ones who got in then brava, however, if you didn’t I will attempt to bring you live coverage as best I can during the screening. Keep in mind I’m the Eastern Time Zone so everything will be 3-hrs ahead for those one the west coast. 11:42pm: Nolan has signed off&#...[Read More]

‘Dark Knight’ Blu-ray Easter Egg Discovered

Word on the street, and by street I mean Internet, and by Internet I mean through an instance message, is that an Easter Egg has been discovered on The Dark Knight Blu-ray. I’ve updated our review with the steps on how to get it. If you stumble across anymore then shoot me an email or post a message.

‘Dark Knight’ Blu-ray Live Commentary Invites Go Out

Last night I received my invite to attend the BD-LIVE commentary with Christopher Nolan while watching The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. There are only 100,000 spots available and knowing that 600,000 discs have already sold you may want to ensure you get your spot quick. As a bonus you also get to ask him some question, either live, or before hand. I’m going to let you toss me a few questions tha...[Read More]

‘Dark Knight’ Breaks Blu-ray Sales Record

If the first day of sales for Warner Home Video’s The Dark Knight is any indication it’s on track to set all kinds of home video records not unlike it did at the box office. The Blu-ray version alone sold 600,000 copies on Tuesday December 6th eclipsing previous record holder IRON MAN, which sold 400,000 over 7-days. As for the DVD versions it moved over 3-million copies and is expecte...[Read More]

The Dark Knight – Blu-ray Review

Movie Review To be honest, The Dark Knight is a film that I’ve dreaded reviewing since I first saw it theatres. How could my words do justice to a masterfully crafted film? I’m not known for being verbose or even elegant with the written word. The Dark Knight explores a side to Batman that has yet to be touched upon in film. A look into his psyche. While the first explored his origin a...[Read More]

Joker Defaces Eye Crave Network

Seems sometime during the night that misfit of a maniac defaced Eye Crave Network. Thank fully he only attacked the logo. I guess it’s only fitting seeing as today is Dark Knight Day! Yes, The Dark Knight is finally legally available on DVD and Blu-ray and it is well worth the wait. Go buy it today!

Micro Review: Dark Knight on Blu-ray

I wanted to give you all my first thoughts on The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. I literally just finished watching it moments ago and then grabbed my PC when I should be crawling into bed for my wake-up call five short hours from now. However, I needed to get something out there. Hence, the first Micro Review is born at Eye Crave Network. There is no point in reviewing the movie again in this micro revi...[Read More]

Millar Discusses Superman Trilogy

Empire Online recently spoke with comic-book writer Mark Millar about his pitch for a Superman movie opus. Millar also appens to be not only responsible for the graphic novel Wanted, but also the Kick-Ass comic-book series, which is also getting a big screen adaptation.

Nolan Talk’s Third Batman

While talking the success of The Dark Knight to the LA Times the question of the third Batman movie came up. Of course, why wouldn’t it? Rumours have been circulating about production already having begun in Chicago. Here’s what Nolan had to say: Well … let me think how to put this. There are two things to be said. One is the emphasis on story. What’s the story? Is there a story ...[Read More]

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