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Super ‘Superman’ To Fly Again

Wouldn’t it be super? A man, more than a man, a superman! One worth watching for a change?

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas may be just the ones who can help with that!

They brought us Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, so who can argue with that?

That! My friends, that means we are in super capable hands this time around and with David S. Goyer’s helping hands on top of all that, we shall be delivered to superhero heaven. Can you feel it? Yes you can!

So whom shall we pit the Man of Steel against? Lex Luthor? Brainaic? Both and then some? Boring! I for one don’t want to see either of them. We need something fresh, new, something on

which the Man of Steel can gnaw with teeth of steel… one thing worries me though, when Nolan is admiring Bryan Singers epic fail of bringing Superman back. No, no, Nolan you have to see that feeble attempt for what it really is… uhmm, a feeble attempt. So, knock it off and don’t attempt anything like Singer.

Lucky us, Nolan knows better, so he says to find “a way of approaching the story I’ve never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting.” It is soothing to know that these minds who know movie-fu are teaming together on this one.


Very exciting news all in all, now let’s wait and see what cast they can come up with and who will sit in the directing chair when the time comes in 2013… so before that… give us the next Batman!

When Batman returns again, we already know that the key surviving characters of the first two movies will be back, too, but how can you top Joker and Heath Ledger’s legendary performance? This my friends, will be an interesting feat to witness… in all its IMAX glory!

Who will it be? We know who it will not be, so Mr. Freeze is put on ice. Good for us.

We are over-saturated with villains or heroes anyhow be it from series like Heroes or Lost that have “lost” the concept of what makes a good villain or from failed superhero movies like the last “Superman”.

What we need? Inner conflict. You take a hero and break him so that after all the evil he can go and redeem himself in death, Luke. Because I am your father, son. That kind of thing if you care to follow. We do not need the billboard style Hollywood Super Size American Flag with hero in front scenery. We need drama, we need conflict, we need a villain with wit and character, one you could root for were he not a tad too evil. All the more tragic it will be to bring him or her down in the end. Tears will be shed, but first… blood.

Meanwhile, back to “Birds of Prey”, a series that unfortunately got canceled after one season, still a series worth watching, esp. if you are interested in Gotham’s “next generation”.

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