Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween II – 31 Nights of Halloween

More Halloween! It is only fitting after we’ve reviewed the original Halloween, and then Halloween Kills, we talk about Halloween II. So of course for night 16 of Shocktober we dive back into the world of Michael Myers, and it being argued amongst the fan base the only worthy sequel (people are really divided on Kills). There is a lot of things to love about Halloween II, a lot of things to shake ...[Read More]

Halloween Kills – Review

The night he came home, again, and again, and again, and again, Halloween Kills! The newest sequel to the reboot of the original that has 4 other storyline branches is back, and this time more gruesome and bloodier than ever. Halloween Kills sure packs the body count, high, and does it in some of the most gruesome, intense ways we’ve seen Michael do this before. Some people will certainly have iss...[Read More]

Halloween 1978 – 31 Nights of Halloween

We’re a third (minus a day) of the way through October, so of course the logical choice would be the 1978 classic, Halloween. The night he came home! Michael returns to Haddonfield fifteen years later wrecking havoc on the town, causing chaos, returning to his murderous ways. The master John Carpenter directs and writes this masterpiece with his partner Debra Hill. If somehow you’ve never seen Hal...[Read More]


Behind-the-Scene Image of Lilith from the Borderlands Movie

The illustrious Jamie Lee Curtis shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the divine Cate Blanchett as Lilith, from the upcoming “Borderlands” movie. Lilith aka “Firehawk” is one of the six Sirens with immense powers from the “Borderlands” video game, which the movie is based on. The movie will be based on the open world action role-playing first-person shooter ̶...[Read More]

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