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Halloween II – 31 Nights of Halloween

More Halloween! It is only fitting after we’ve reviewed the original Halloween, and then Halloween Kills, we talk about Halloween II. So of course for night 16 of Shocktober we dive back into the world of Michael Myers, and it being argued amongst the fan base the only worthy sequel (people are really divided on Kills). There is a lot of things to love about Halloween II, a lot of things to shake your head at, and a lot of Michael Myers being supernatural for some strange reason again, so here we are, Halloween II.

Instead of having John Carpenter write and direct the second installment in arguably one of the most famous horror anthologies of all time, Capenter only pens the sequels script while Rick Rosenthal directs the sequel. In our sequel it picks up immediately after/during the incidents of Halloween. Dr. Loomis played by Donald Pleasance is still hunting The Shape played by Dick Warlock, as Laurie is being transported to the hospital to deal with the injuries she obtained from the films first acts. The never ending game of cat and mouse continues in Halloween II but this time in a different setting, more exploits, more blood (finally) and some really silly elements.

What makes Halloween II so fun and enjoyable is the fact that it’s, in reality, a solid sequel that cannot ever live up to its predecessor. Halloween is an all-time classic and there is no denying that fact, but the sequel brings more violence, blood for the first time, and some really ridiculous action sequences. For example Loomis convincing the police to run down a child in a mask because he believes its Michael.

Halloween II is absolutely ridiculous, and very silly, but the ability to stay in the same atmosphere of the original classic is what makes Halloween II so great. It can live up to its predecessor in conversation, but it definitely is not the beloved classic. Watch Halloween II for the insanity and mythology that bestows upon Michael Myers getting the non killable human manicure and enjoy the madness that ensues the adventure.

Crave Factor – 7

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