Simon Barrett

You’re Next – Review

The problem with watching great horror movies years after they’ve released is that great movies always have their ideas stolen and refurbished in other films. I first saw You’re Next a year ago, and loved it then so of course when I was making a 31 days of Horror movies list I had to include this bloody film back on my list. The issue is that Knives Out and Ready or Not did this movie better and o...[Read More]

V/H/S/94 – Fantastic Fest Review

V/H/S/94 is a triumphant return for the found footage franchise, as with the world currently in a pandemic the writing and directing team shoots everything locally, except the final segment, and gives a retro feel to everything considering it takes place in 1994. Every segment is more deranged and terrifying that the one proceeding it, with the exception of the final entry which takes a little too...[Read More]

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