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You’re Next – Review

The problem with watching great horror movies years after they’ve released is that great movies always have their ideas stolen and refurbished in other films. I first saw You’re Next a year ago, and loved it then so of course when I was making a 31 days of Horror movies list I had to include this bloody film back on my list. The issue is that Knives Out and Ready or Not did this movie better and on a much larger scale (in terms of violence and obscenity). However, at the time You’re Next was absolutely fantastic and new for the genre, and clearly Hollywood took notice as Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett continue to deliver excellent genre movies, such as V/H/S, ABCs of Death, and The Guest.

The film focuses on the Davison family as they’re under attack during a weekend getaway, however one of the guests at the family getaway has a secret, she can fight back. These masked murderers are in for the shock of their life. We have Felix played by Nicholas Tucci, Zee played by Wendy Glenn, Drake played by Joe Swanberg, and the heroine badass Erin played by Sharni Vinson. As the attackers slowly try to take each member of the family out, one by one, they also start getting picked off by Erin in this dangerous, murderous game of cat and mouse.

What makes You’re Next such a blast and so inventive, is that at the time it wasn’t overdone and was relatively new to the mainstream. Having a rich family, all have their own personal spats with one another, a ragtag gang of criminals who want to just take everyone out with insane motivation, and the reincarnation of Sarah Connor. The cast are fantastic in the world’s most dangerous game – the hunt of man! While everyone delivers their all, the true standout is Shami Vinson. She steals every scene she is in, takes care of business, and finds inventive way to do so!

You’re Next feels like it could’ve inspired both Knives Out and Ready or Not, both of which are also fantastic, murder mystery, and for the latter gruesomely fun features. While seeing You’re Next way later than I should’ve there is no denying that the movie is an undeniable blast, so strap yourself in and enjoy the crazy ride!

Crave Factor – 7.5

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