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PS4 Design? It’s Never Too Early To Formulate A Plan

News of a potential candidate for the next generation of Sony Computer Entertainment America‘s console hardware has peeked the interest of the general public. Australian designer Tai Chiem has developed what appears to be one heck of a sheik looking piece of hardware that incorporates cutting edge touch screen technology with the look of something you might find on the desk of Chief Detective John Anderton of the Washington DC Pre-Crime division (Minority Report).

I must say that the design is sleek and sexy looking. My only concern lies in the practical nature of the design. I’m as mystified as most at the way technology has managed to exponentially reduce itself in size while exponentially improving functionality and quality of performance over the last 15 years. However, can a system as powerful and advanced as what the PS4 would need to be actually fit into a hub which appears to be no larger than some of the first portable CD players that came to market? I do find it hard to believe, but I’m definitely open to the possibilities.

PS4 Concept

PS4 Clear

Head over to Yanko Design for more pics

Another concern lies in the fact that this design centres around the notion that the next descendent of the Playstation family will actually use physical media as a primary source for content. We have already seen the PSP ditch its reliance on UMD media for an “all digital, all download, all storage” based operation with the PSP GO. Who’s to say that in 5-7 years Sony won’t do the same with it’s big brother? Wouldn’t that small detail make this design obsolete even before getting a chance to shine?

Could this really work out to be the next generation of media based entertainment consoles? Chime in yourselves and post your thoughts below.

Source: DVICE

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