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This Documentary deals with headline-grabbing murder of 21-year-old British backpacker Grace Millane. Her death occurs while on a solo holiday in New Zealand. This documentary explores how the shocking case highlighted disturbing attitudes about violence towards women.

Helena Coan’s documentary strips away the sensationalism associated with cases like this. It Delves into the events leading up to the murder and the court case using actual footage. Coan provides a raw and unfiltered view of the tragedy. This removes the glamorization often seen in media coverage. This allows viewers to confront the harsh realities of violence against women. Coan sheds light on such crimes, while also humanizing the victim. This provokes meaningful discussions about societal attitudes and behaviours.

The story of Grace Millane serves as a cautionary tale. It highlights the potential dangers that may arise when using dating apps like Tinder. Millane’s murder underscores the importance of exercising caution and awareness.

Hailing from Wickford, Essex. Millane had recently graduated from the University of Lincoln. She took a year off to backpack across different locations. She was to stay in New Zealand for two weeks after spending six weeks in South America. December 1 would be the last time anyone would see Grace alive.

The use of CCTV video footage paints a picture of how calculated the killer was. I’m not using his name here as this isn’t his story. This is the story of a young girl’s life cut short by a cold-blooded killer. It’s important to acknowledge such events on individuals. Grace’s story may better prepare others who see it. Justice and prevention are something good that may come from this tragedy.

It’s haunting watching the actual footage in the documentary. We, the audience watch this young girl walk into her ultimate demise. Her body lay lifeless in the hotel room, while her family frantically called her.

Go inside the interrogation room as the case takes shape. See how the lies the killer tells only further implicate him in the disgusting act of murder.

Watch as his defence team victim blames another woman who suffered at the hands of this monster and recounts her encounter with him. See the pain on the parents of Grace address the media throughout the whole scenario. This is not an easy watch, but it is something that should be viewed by anyone thinking of using a dating app, or even dating in general.

There is an epidemic of violence towards women in the World and men use the excuse or defence, she wanted it. No one wants to be abused or a violent death, THE LIE: THE MURDER OF GRACE MILLANE helps to tell one girl’s story, but it also puts a spotlight on what women go through all over the world.

THE LIE: THE MURDER OF GRACE MILLANE releases in Select Theaters and On Demand on March 29 By Brainstorm Media

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There is an epidemic of violence towards women in the World and men use the excuse or defence, she wanted it. No one wants to be abused or a violent death, THE LIE: THE MURDER OF GRACE MILLAN helps to

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