Toronto Polaris 24 Coverage – Part 2 of 7

For the second audio interview from Polaris 24 Alaina Huffman steps into the spotlight.

Alaina can be seen currently starring in StarGate Universe as Lt. Tamara Johnson.

Alaina HuffmanTamara “TJ” Johnson had her reasons for trading the US Air Force for medical school when Destiny intervened.

Fans of Smallville know Alaina as the “Black Canary” while PainKillerJane remember her as“Maureen Bowers.” In addition to those roles Alaina has had guest spots on CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, NCIS, and Tru Calling.

Alaina talks about how fun doing the Canary Cry is as well as her new found interest in interviewing because she did some for the upcoming StarGate Universe Season 1 DVD boxset plus she talks about the fun of doing commentaries for some of the episodes.


For Alaina’s interview listen here:


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