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Trish’s Dish: Quantum of Solace

Trish's DishBond…James Bond…

Quantum of Solace is our movie for this week and no Bond movie is complete without drinking a Martini.  Wine and Martini’s aren’t usually something that you picture together.  However….the wine industry has figured out a way to meld these two worlds seamlessly.

Quantum of SolaceWe will be serving an Icewine Martini with a tray of cheeses and candied nuts. To enjoy your Icewine Martini I recommend the following recipe:  2ounces of Inniskillin Vidal Icewine with 2-ounces Grey Goose Vodka and garnish with a frozen grape. Yes, Smirnoff will work but can you picture James Bond 007 License to Kill drinking the regular stuff? Not really. For our cheese platter you can choose from any sharp cheese of your choice but these are my recommendations; 5 year or older white cheddar, stilton blue cheese though any blue cheese will work, and for show a wedge of parmesan cheese that guests can crumble off themselves is excellent.   Brie will also work but I don’t find that it really adds to the experience.  You can purchase candied nuts  Now back to Bond.

Quantum of Solace is the newest movie in the Bond line up of films.  I am a lover of old school Bond movies, Odd Job, Jaws, Sean Connery the whole bit.  Daniel Craig reprises his role as James Bond.  I think he does an excellent job of portraying the brooding, take nothing to heart character of Bond.  The movie opens where Casino Royale left off with Mr. White and Bond.  However Mr. White is in the boot of the car that Bond is driving.

M and Bond interrogate Mr. White to try and gain knowledge of his group Quantum but quickly realize that things are not going their way as M’s bodyguard tries to kill her which allows Mr. White to escape.  Bond chases the bodyguard, who of course has to die.  Bond manages to stumble into another plan that takes him for a bit of a ride.  Bond realizes that Camille could be a good acquaintance as she picks him up thinking that he is a geologist working for her boyfriend Greene.

Quickly things turn badly for Camille but we see the strength in her character as she angers at Bond for ruining her chance at revenge for her family.  Bond recognizes that Dominic Greene, an environmentalist, is part of the Quantum group that plans to bring the leaders of the world to their knees.  They are taking over seemingly worthless pieces of desert to “look for oil” but in reality they are damning up old underground rivers to create a drought holding the leaders of those countries at their mercy.  The irony is that those same leaders have paid Greene in the form of said land for securing the leadership of their country for them.  Greene I found very uninspiring as a villain.

Water is a very important resource but it just seemed to lack that Wow factor that Bond villains usually have.  He seemed a bit more like a sleazy car salesman than someone I would be truly frightened of.  We see a glimpse of the Quantum group at a theatre where Mr. White cleverly stays out of site of Bond.  There are lots of references to trust most especially between M and Bond.  M is the only woman that Bond does not objectify and this is of great interest when M makes reference to the women in Bond’s life (most recently agent Field) who give their lives for him.  We think back to Vesper from Royale and wonder if Bond really is tragically flawed.

Greene does show true Bond Villain character in how he deals with the new Bolivian President over the water supply.  In Quantum of Solace we see the great Bond vs. Villain fight scenes and the wonderful special effects that go along with them.  In the end Bond gets his men, Vesper’s boyfriend who had a hand in her death and Greene while Camille proves that she too can get her man.  Bond not only saves himself in this film but Camille in her strength saves Bond as well from not trusting himself to save the women in his life from danger.

Over all I think that Quantum is a great Bond movie and the more times you watch it the more you get out of it.  I did miss the techie aspect that Bond movies usually exhibit but perhaps that will show itself in the next 007 installment.

Try a shaken not stirred Icewine Martini and enjoy the movie!

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