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Mega Lord of the Rings and Hobbit 4K Boxset in October

Looks like KD is back on the menu. I just hope my family doesn’t mind 10-weeks of the cheesy noodles. This set, releasing October 5th, from Warner Bros. looks EPIC. In the image below, which isn’t the final artwork (probably is), highlights just what you’ll get in terms of the movies.

You’re going to get the theatrical and extended version of each film in both trilogies. A 250-page book, a One Ring replica with Premium (Light Up) Mordor display stand and replica of the Key to Erebor.

This is like eating three lembas breads. No official word on what extra features will be included in the set, but my goodness. I’m now regretting buying the first releases… well, a little anyway.

LOTR and Hobbit 4K Boxset
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