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Peter Jackson’s The Frigtheners on 4K in 2022

The supernatural thriller and comedy The Frighteners by director/writer Peter Jackson and produced by Robert Zemeckis is getting a 4K UltraHD release from Arrow Video. The home video producers are working on a release for sometime in 2022.

Earlier this year, rumours stated it would be late 2021 for the film’s 25th Anniversary, but like all things, over the last year and a half, it was likely pushed until 2022 due to the global pandemic. There is always a chance we could see a release later year. We’ll keep you up to date as we hear more.

Fun fact, star Michael J. Fox graduated from the same high school my eldest did.

Here is the synopsis if you’ve never seen the film.

Once an architect, Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) now passes himself off as an exorcist of evil spirits. To bolster his facade, he claims his “special” gift is the result of a car accident that killed his wife. But what he does not count on is more people dying in the small town where he lives. As he tries to piece together the supernatural mystery of these killings, he falls in love with the wife of one of the victims and deals with a crazy FBI agent.

The Frighteners 4K Cover Art
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