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Access AVATAR Collector’s Edition Bonus Features Now via BD-LIVE

Do you own the initial release of AVATAR on Blu-ray? If you bought it because you couldn’t wait to revisit Pandora prior to the Collector’s Edition release that would contain all the special features that weren’t included in its initial tour on Blu-ray. I have some good news for you. You can now visit most of them prior to the release of the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and DVD that hits store shelves November 16th.

That’s right insert your Blu-ray disc into a BD-Live capable player and you can access the following features:

  1. Bar Fight:  Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut
  2. Users Guide for AVATAR deleted scenes
  3. Kauai: Excerpt from documentary
  4. Grandma’s Teylu: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  5. 2006 Art Reel Excerpt
  6. Driving Range: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  7. Acting in the Volume: Excerpt from documentary
  8. Drums of War (full version): Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  9. Scene Deconstruction: Demonstration
  10. “What did happen”: Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut

The following features will be on the Portal for the AVATAR Extended Collector’s Edition November disc:

  • Crew Short:  The Night Before Avatar
  • Raw Footage Production Elements (runtime estimated 51:55)
  • Screen Test – Sam Worthington & Zoe Saldana (Raw Footage) (10:44)
  • Screen Test – Stephen Lang (Raw Footage) (4:30)
  • Screen Test – Giovanni Ribisi (Raw Footage) (3:10)
  • Screen Test – Joel David Moore (Raw Footage) (4:10)
  • Screen Test – CCH Pounder (Raw Footage) (4:47)
  • Screen Test – Laz Alonso (Raw Footage) (6:49)
  • Speaking Na’vi (Rehearsal/Raw Footage) (6:39)
  • Weta Workshop: Walk & Talk Presentation (Raw Footage) (11:06)

There you have it. Assuming your Blu-ray player is BD-Live capable and you have the bandwidth to do so you can watch all the features online, but you know you’re going to want that Extended Edition. I know I do.

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