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Incredibles DVD Specs

March 15th will the see the release of one of last year’s best movies – THE INCREDIBLES. We now have full details on what the DVD will include, and as with previous Pixar DVD’s it looks, pardon the over used pun, incredible. Cover Art included.

Disc 1:

  • Commentary with Director Brad Bird & Producer John Walker.
  • Commentary featuring several Pixar animators who worked on the film.

Disc 2:

  • Jack-Jack Attack – Have you ever wondered what was happening at home with the sitter and baby Jack-Jack when the Parr’s are off saving the world? Well, the good folks over at Pixar have created a never-before-seen short film on what happened.
  • Deleted Scenes and Alternate Opening
  • Incredi-Blunders – Bloopers and Outtakes
  • Top Secret Files on all the Supers – A fun look at the powers of most of the superheroes seen in the movies.
  • The Making of “The Incredibles”
  • More Making of “The Incredibles”
  • Mr. Incredibles and Pals – Watch Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Mr. Skipperdoo, their rabbit sidekick, take on their nemesis Lady Lightbug in the hand-drawn feature. Be forewarned the actor’s live-action lips can be seen in this lost short.
  • Commentary for Mr. Incredibles and Pals with Craig T. Nelson and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Character Interviews – Fully animated interviews.
  • Vowellet – An Essay by Sarah Vowell – Sarah is the voice behind Violet. When she’s not filming voices she is a writer and public radio documentarian.
  • Pixar’s Academy Award(r) – Nominated Short Film “Boudin” – If you saw the movie in theatres this aired before with a lamb who learns to have fun after being shaved thanks to the Jackalope.
  • Who is Bud Luckey – The creator of Toy Story’s Woody and creator of Boundin gets a little limelight in the biographical piece.
  • Publicity – Trailers and Teasers

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