Live Blog – Dark Knight Live Commentary w/ Christopher Nolan

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Live Blog – Dark Knight Live Commentary w/ Christopher Nolan

In approximately 20-minutes the live commentary over BD-Live with Christopher Nolan will begin. If you were one of the lucky ones who got in then brava, however, if you didn’t I will attempt to bring you live coverage as best I can during the screening. Keep in mind I’m the Eastern Time Zone so everything will be 3-hrs ahead for those one the west coast.

11:42pm: Nolan has signed off… now onto some Horde!

11:38pm: CANADA loves Batman because of you. Thanks Chris 🙂 – donal

11:36pm: Resumed.

11:32pm: We’re about to hit the credits and he goes for a pee. lol.

11:32pm: Nolan – “I gotta pee, it is a 2-pee movie. I need to make a shorter film next time.”

11:29pm: Nolan – Two-Face is very much dead at the end of the film.

11:24pm: He just signed back in.

11:20pm: Haven’t seen a question or answer in about 10-minutes. Must be enjoying his movie.

10:59pm: Nolan prefers Crunchy PB.

10:58pm: Nolan is answering questions that I never saw asked.

10:48pm: To be honest I’m just enjoying the movie… and the odd good question and answer.

10:41pm: Questions have gotten much better, but still haven’t seen a single one of mine 🙁

10:32pm: I guess someone did watch the extas cause they asked a question about it.

10:25pm: Did no one watch the extra features? Had they we wouldn’t be wasting time on some of these questions.

10:20pm: One of our readers (Funky) asked me to ask Nolan if he washed his hands when he was done and with kind of soap. I did. No answer as of yet.

10:18pm: Movie restarted. Commentary coming from WB HQ in Burbank

10:17pm: Over 13,000 questions submitted so far. Ya, unless my screen name is Darkknight or TheDarkKnight I don’t think I’ll see my q’s.

10:12pm: Chris Nolan has paused the movie to pee. I think I’m going to do the same.

10:10pm: Chris Nolan has to bee soon

9:58pm: Still experiencing technical difficulties.

9:56pm: Nolan is asked who stole the show and he says they all had strong characterizations vying for attention.

9:55pm: Nolan was influenced by Star Wars, Best Bond Films and Bladerunner to become a director.

9:50pm: I’ve asked about 8 questions and not one has been posted, but I’ve seen a few names appear 3 times now.

9:43pm: Since things restarted better questions are being asked.

9:39pm: Resumed!

9:36pm: Moderator – We are experiencing technical difficulties. The event will resume shortly. Pause.

9:32pm: He’s back, and wants to know Why So Serious?

9:31pm: Nolan was dropped around 6-minutes ago and hasn’t come back yet.

9:25pm: The Joker is here and he does magic.

9:22pm: It’s really irritating as it pauses the movie briefly.

9:21pm:  Nolan keeps having to rejoin.

9:16pm: Why no batcave? Seriously – dumb question.

9:13pm: A lot of stupid questions are being asked.

9:07pm:  Nolan dropped out and then joined back again.

9:06pm: Michael Mann’s heat was a big influance for The Dark Knigh

9:03pm: Text commentary – no way I’m keeping up.

9:02pm: Christopher Nolan just welcomed us to the screening!

9:01pm: Movie restarted.

9:01pm: Paused – Chris Nolan had to rejoin

9:00pm: Movie has begun.

8:55pm: Only 5 more minutes.

8:57pm: There will be a break as we’re getting instructions on what do if this occurs.

8:49pm:  Chris Nolan just joined. Sweet.

8:48pm: Still time to get popcorn, chips, and/or pizza before it starts. 13-minutes.

8:46pm: The screening started, but the moderator has paused it.

8:45pm: I have joined the event.

8:42pm: I have successfully logged into BD-Live on my Dark Knight Blu-ray

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