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Playstation Holiday Preview 2009

Playstation Canada invited the Eye Crave Network crew to attend a Playstation Holiday Preview event where we got to check out, play, and talk about all the upcoming games.  Kyle M. and the PR crew at Playstation Canada hosted a fun and informative event.  The small details such as the PS Bento boxes for the mac and cheese brought a touch of class to the overall experience.  Thank you everyone at SEC Canada who helped put this together.  The event was a blast and all of the vendors had a lot to share.

The most anticipated games for the PS3 were being showcased by Sony Computer Entertainment.  Some of the more notable titles I got to experience were Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Heavy Rain, MAG and Tony Hawk Ride.  I only had a few hours to take everything in and here are the highlights of what I checked out.


Playstation Holiday Event


Let the Games Begin

SONY Computer Entertainment

MAG (Jan 26, 2010, Zipper Interactive) is one of the more anticipated titles for Q1 2010.  The game boasts several features that FPS shooter fans will love.  First off, 256 player maps broken down into 8 man squads and platoons make for a fast-paced gaming experience.  Each map has mission objectives split up in very much the same way; main, squad and platoon.  The Officer in Charge (OIC) helps direct the action by issuing orders to his team.  Players who choose to follow orders are rewarded with more experience points.  Leadership points are accumulated once you rank up to platoon leader.  The experience points unlock guns, gear, customizations and leadership points unlock more tactical rewards such as air strikes.  All in all, this game will help launch the PS3 fps tactical genre to a whole new level.  The graphics are sharp and seamless which helps bring the experience home.

Mod Nation Racers (2010, United Front Games) blew my mind.  The simplicity of this carting game is its greatest appeal.  I was able to create a custom racer, car, and track and get racing against Dan Sochan from UFG in about 7 minutes.  The cars and characters are fully customizable with unlockable content that you earn through gameplay.  The “drive to create” engine is phenomenal.  Select the point for your Start/Finish line and start driving.  The asphalt is laid out behind you as you drive.  You can alter the pitch of the track and overlaps will automatically be bridged.  It’s Awesomesauce!

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (Oct 27, Insomniac Games) delivers exactly what you would expect; guns, gadgets, robots and bad guys.  In this installment questions from Ratchet’s past will be answered.  These will help tie the whole series together.  One of the latest innovations is the all-new space gameplay.  You get to engage in space battles, earn collectables and hidden items in a quip-filled Lombax universe.

God of War 3 (Mar 2010, SEC Studios Santa Monica) is set in the wondrous world of Ancient Greece.  Kratos is yet again seeking vengeance on the Gods who betrayed him.  The new game engine boasts fluid scenery, characters, motions and make the overall gameplay that much more realistic.  Get ready to start spinning those double-chained blades as you take on wave after wave of mythological baddies from the heights of Mt. Olympus to the depths of Hades.

Uncharted 2 (Oct 13, Naughty Dog Software) brings Nathan Drake back to your home in full force.  Much like the original, the cinematics, cut scenes and rich environment make for a very absorbing experience.  I was blown away by the richness and textures of Uncharted 2; they made it better.  The online play is so much fun.  Cooperating with others to accomplish your goals or gunning down your opposition brings a fun new element to the table beyond the storyline.

Heavy Rain (Feb 2010, Quantic dream) is a visual treat.  In this title, you get to play one of four characters who are trying to track down the Origami Killer.  The gameplay and cut scenes are seamless and only help absorb you further into the game.  With 20 different endings, the replay value with character is increased.  I was taken aback when watching a particular scene where detective Shelby is having a conversation with a store clerk and the camera zooms into his eyes.  The level of detail given to the graphics was breathtaking.  Heavy Rain promises an elaborate and immersive storyline that will challenge all gamers.

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