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PS Home – First Impressions

December 11th Sony Home Entertainment released HOME beta. The virtual world where you can hang out in a virtual apartment or meet your friends down at the virtual mall. And, so far I’m not impressed with it at all. After downloading and installing the program it gave me countless errors.

Then the following day I was finally able to access it and create my character, which was a fairly fun few minutes, but it’s missing too many options to fully create a character which resembles one self accurately. Apparently, everyone in the world with facial hair has a mustache and there are 5 types of them.

Get into your apartment, which I hope we all don’t have the same view, and you can’t go anywhere until you download the zones, but download more than one and it’ll stop them downloading and you’ll be waiting for nothing to happen.

I was able to get into the Bowling Alley and able to download and play an arcade game, but after trying to get the Home Theater it crashed on me. Ever since I have been unable to connect.

Plus, the first person to say anything said “U mus b gay or sumtin”.

Either way, with a little more time I’m sure they’ll be able to iron out some of the kinks and move us to beta 2.0

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