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It’s 2022, we’ve had COVID for two years now and as soon as we think it’s safe to go back out we get Murder Hornets and Monkeypox. So, I dare you, anyone, please show me some news that is going to shock me. Well we do cover movies here at Eye Crave Network, so I’m not going to talk politics anymore but if you’re familiar with Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you’re firmly aware that it doesn’t matter what the people say about a movie, everything will always find a way somehow.

However, if you told me a movie that on the surface is as painfully bad to watch as Jared Leto’s starring vehicle Morbius is, that it would somehow create a cult like following in the vein of The Room than I would have told you that you’re absolutely nuts. Well according to starting Friday June 3rd, MORBIUS will be coming back to theatres. So for everyone who got their MORBIN TIME on digitally or through a twitch stream (yes that happened) you can catch MORBIUS back in theatres starting this week.

There really is no way to describe the insane cult following status this movie that was destined to be doomed after numerous delays is somehow slaying digitally and getting a theatrical re-release but there are definitely highlights in the movie when you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I am not going to defend Morbius, because even the living vampire knows I certainly cannot do that, but if nothing else see the movie digitally, theatrically, preferentially not on TWITCH, just for how much fun Matt Smith has in the movie and to understand the Morbin Time’ memes.

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