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‘Batman 3’ Villain Confirmed & Potential Casting

With Inception now released and Comic-Con having officially started today info on the third installment in the Batman franchise directed by Christopher Nolan has started to trickle in since Tuesday with an official villain confirmation, a potential actor taking the role, and someone possibly returning…

First,, has  been able to confirm through a studio casting grid that the Riddler is in fact Batman’s main foe this round. Also, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be up for the part. Having just worked with Nolan, and him being fond of actors he’s worked with this is a huge possibility. Early this year I read an article put forth by Flicksided about who could play the Joker should Nolan re-cast. Guess whose name was on the list? Gordon-Levitt. Yup, if you head over and read the article they put forth some good reasons why it would work.

However, word of JG-L as the Riddler is extremely exciting. While it’s just a rumour right now, it’s in a positive direction.

To further cement the Ridddler news, Killer Film spoke with Aaron Eckhart regarding Batman 3 and not only confirmed First Showing’s scoop, but that Aaron Eckhart has read a finished script. What does this mean? Does it meant that Harvey Dent / Two Face may return from the dead? There has been speculation as to whether Two Face died at the end of The Dark Knight since opening night.

I could see this working and wouldn’t be disappointed in anyway. What do you think of this news? Lay it on me? I want to know.

For now, check out this fan made poster, which I hope Warner Bros takes a page from when they start advertising for the film.

Riddler Faux Poster

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