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‘Green Lantern’ Movie Logo Chosen

The Green Lantern history is vast. Along with it has come many different interpretations of the costume, ring, and slight variations of the GL core’s logo. Well, those wily over at have gotten their hands on the emblem that will be used in the movie.

Here’s what CBM has to say:

This is artwork that Warner Bros. Consumer Products had exclusively reproduced by DC Comics, and was given to him directly from Warner Bros. It’s inspired by Green Lantern #10, Volume 4. Warner Bros. Consumer Products is working in conjunction with Mattel to create Green Lantern movie-based merchandise; some of which will be displayed at next week’s Licensing International Expo.

And there you have it. This image is our first look at part of Hal Jordan’s attire for Green Lantern, as well as the ring design for both the film and merchandise. Though it doesn’t reveal too much, it does confirm that he will be wearing his trademark domino mask and gloves; not to mention the updated look of his ring.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has also released these images to License! Magazine, one of the companies leading next week’s Expo. It appears we now have our first look of the official Green Lantern movie logo and title as well:

What do you think of this logo. Personally, I dig it… I dig it a lot.

Green Lantern is current in production being directed by Martin Campbell, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, Mark Strong and Angela Bassett. Warner Bros. will be releasing it on June 17th 2011 in both 2D and 3D.


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