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Twilight Sequel, ‘New Moon’, Gets Greenlight

Summit Entertainment has announced that the second installment in the Twilight series, New Moon, has been given the go head to start production.

New MoonWith the big numbers surely to be posted by Twilight this weekend and thanks to it’s $35.7 million Friday opening it’s not surprising that Summit announced the sequel so quickly. The press release issued by Summit Entertainment didn’t mention the cast or the director. However, it’s been confirmed that stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson have already signed on for three films. Summit also announced Melissa Rosenberg will continue adapting the books for the screen.

Staff writer Jeffrey Reynolds attended a showing of Twilight last night and did not have good things to say:

It’s as though the author/director took ‘Underworld’, the Kevin Spacey’s daughter storyline from ‘American Beauty’, melded them together, dropped them into a ‘Dawsons Creek’ template, and polished the final draft by having a 14-year-old Backstreet Boys bi-polar OCD mental patient proof-read it for notes.

Source: Rope of Silicon

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