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W. - Theatrical Review

G.W. will always be remembered, for better or more so, worse

Oliver Stone is at it again. This time he’s taking on the continually mocked president of these here United States. Of course, I’m talking about George W. Bush. W. is a re-cap of his famed life, from alcoholic poker player to born again Christian. So you can count on it being full of satire, and tomfoolery. Does W. deliver on this promise? Read on to find out.Most of my complaints lie in the story. Not that there wasn’t plenty of fun to be had, but Oliver Stone fell back in to his rut of making movies too long. It was so bad that during the screening people were getting up and leaving, and it wasn’t because the movie was unbearable, but the same points were being rammed down our throats repeatedly. If W. had been cut by 40 minutes, and made just a bit more like a comedy, it would’ve most certainly been one of my favorite movies of the year. It’s too bad, because the premise had so much potential.The saving grace for this movie is most certainly the acting. Josh Brolin, at first, didn’t seem like much of a G.W., but as the movie progressed I came to see the nuances in his acting, and when the credits rolled I thought he was Georgey Boy. Elizabeth Banks play Laura Bush, and she was exquisite. Her Acting was right on par, and she was believable from beginning to end. James Cromwell was Bush Sr. and he knocked it out of the park. Especially at the end, he looked just like H.W. it was impeccable. It’s pretty clear, what this movie lacked in story, it made up for (somewhat) in acting.

It goes without saying, if you’re a Bush supporter, all 3 of you, then you won’t appreciate this movie very much. In fact, it’s safe to say if you’re a McCain supporter, you’ll just get pissed and walk out. But, if you’re everyone else, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of W.

The real question is, is it worth seeing in theatres? Simple answer, no. Long answer, unless you’re a die-hard moviegoer, this movie can wait for DVD. There’s nothing visually mind blowing that would be better seen on a silver screen, so save yourself the trouble and wait for it to drop on DVD. Hopefully by that time we’ll be out of Iraq and have a new president.

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W. - Theatrical Review

The story of the eventful life of George W. Bush—his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith—and the critical days leading up to his decision to invade Iraq.

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